About us

Our investors

Investors in the DH private equity funds represent a broad spectrum of institutions including pension funds, family offices, endowments, funds of funds, sovereign wealth funds, insurance groups and banks.

Our investor base is global and includes particularly strong representation from the US, the UK and Europe. We have built long relationships with the majority of our investors who have invested across multiple funds. We are proud that the investor base features strong representation from family offices around the world, including several families that sold businesses to us and have subsequently chosen to reinvest some of their proceeds into our funds.

The DH team are also significant investors in our funds, thereby ensuring a strong alignment of interests with our investors.

Our investors are provided with regular updates on developments across the funds’ portfolios and have secure access to fund documentation and reporting through the Investor Access area of our website.

Investors In Our Most Recent Fund – By Category (%) Percentage
Banks 13%
Endowments 4%
Fund of Funds 30%
Insurance Companies 12%
Pension Funds 23%
Private Individuals 6%
Sovereign Wealth Funds 12%
Investors In Our Most Recent Fund – By Geography (%) Percentage
North America 33%
Asia Pacific 8%
Middle East 9%
United Kingdom 27%
Europe (excluding UK) 23%

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