Responsible investing

UK disclosure guidelines

UK Guidelines for Disclosure and Transparency in Private Equity

DH is a member of the British Private Equity and Venture Capital Association (BVCA) and welcomes the recommendations set out in Sir David Walker’s “Guidelines for Disclosure and Transparency in Private Equity” published in November 2007.

None of the companies currently in our portfolio meet the criteria for enhanced disclosure highlighted in the Walker Guidelines. However, we recognise the importance of open and transparent communication with all of our stakeholders and have elected to voluntarily comply with these recommendations to promote conformity and transparency across the private equity industry. Updates on developments across each of our portfolio companies can be found in our Annual Review, which is available to be downloaded on our Home page.

Conflicts of Interest

DH is aware that conflicts of interest may arise in connection with our investment activities. DH has implemented a range of internal measures and guidelines which are designed to address these potential conflicts. These include the establishment of an Advisory Committee for each of our funds, composed of representatives of investors in the funds who meet as required to consult on the performance of the funds and ensure that any conflicts are addressed and managed properly.

Investment Holding Period

The average investment holding period for realised and unrealised companies in our private equity portfolio currently stands at five years.

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